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Ms Klitou holds a Degree in Translation from the Ionian University Department of Translation and Interpreting and a Master’s in Interpreting from the University of Cyprus in collaboration with the EU. Her working languages are Greek (A), English (B) and French (C).  She has been working as a professional freelance translator for the past 18 years specialising in legal and financial terminology texts but also in literary translations including mainly the translation of plays.  She has worked with many law-firms, advertising agencies, NGO’s, semi-state and state organisations as well as companies and individuals.  She has also been active as a freelance conference interpreter for the past decade working at conferences, seminars and workshops on a wide variety of subjects from labour issues, to water scarcity, physical and mental health, new technologies, preservation of monuments, education and more.  She is also an experienced court interpreter having worked for several law firms on both civil and criminal cases.  To add to her experience, she works with other professional translators and conference interpreters in order to provide services in other language combinations and expertise.


GreekEnglish (United Kingdom)